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No one does session beers like the English. I'm a big fan of many English session beers but I've never had a commercial example of a Dark Mild and people rave about it so I decided to brew one and try it for myself. English Dark Milds are dark malty easy drinking ales with a flavorful yeast character, no hop flavor/aroma & minimal bitterness (basically a low alcohol brown ale). However this wasn't always the case and there's a long complicated history behind the term "mild" which I won't get into. If you're interested in it I would recommend this book.

English Dark Mild
(BJCP Description)
(6 Gallons, ~70% Eff, Tinseth)

OG: 1.035
FG: 1.012
IBU: 16
ABV: 3.1%
SRM: 18 L
  • 7 lbs - 2-Row Pale (Marris Otter)
  • .5 lb - Crystal 60
  • .37 lbs - Crystal 120
  • .24 lbs - Pale Chocolate (200 L)

  • 1 oz East Kent Goldings 5% @60 Min

  • Yeast: Wyeast Neobritania (re-pitched 2nd Gen)

  • Mashed 60 min @ 154, 1 qt/lb
Tasting Notes:
Look - Dark Brown "Coca-Cola" like color, Minimal off-white Head (From Low Carbonation)
Aroma - Caramel, Toasted Bread, Fruity/Earthy Esters, Slight Roastiness, No hop aroma
Mouthfeel - Medium-Thin bodied
Taste - More Sweet Caramel, Bready, Earthy, Slight Roast/Hop Bitterness, Well Balanced

This is exactly what it's supposed to be, drinkable & flavorful. The large percentage of crystal malt with it's largely unfermentable sugars did the job it was supposed to by not letting the final gravity drop too low which would make the beer seem thin and watery. The low carbonation also keeps the beer from being too thin or harsh. This is derived from Jamil's Dark Mild recipe in "Brewing Classic Styles" and is a good point for further experimentation. I plan on trying out a few different English yeasts. The yeast I used is good, however it's on the low side as far as producing esters so I think a more characterful English yeast would make this beer even more flavorful. I would recommend everyone brew this beer.

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