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One of my favorite styles and something I plan on brewing more often.  Historically brewed in the spring to last through the summer months when it's too hot to brew. This version is brewed in the "farmhouse" tradition and uses some oddball grains.  From my understanding, traditional Saisons were farmhouse ales which meant that the farmer usually threw in whatever grains besides barley they had laying around to increase the fermentable sugars. Sometimes these other grains were not malted like barley, and may or may not have contributed to the total fermentable sugars depending on the gelatinization temperature.  I love unmalted wheat so I threw some in. The gelatinization temperaute is low enough to include directly into the mash without any further processing (malting, flaking, etc.).

I also included Spelt which is the first time I've used this grain in brewing.  The gelatinization temperature isn't low enough to include in the mash, so I used flaked Spelt to avoid doing a cereal mash.  Hopping can vary greatly in Saisons from barely noticeable to assertively hoppy.  I shot for kind of a moderately hoppy mix of EKG & Saaz, since it's on the low side in terms of alcohol.

Saison (BJCP Description)
(6 Gallons, ~70% Eff, Tinseth)

OG: 1.040
FG: 1.006
IBU: 19
ABV: 4.5%
SRM: 3
90 Minute Boil

7 lbs - German Pilsner
1 lb - White Wheat Malt
1.5 lbs - Flaked Spelt (Bob's Red Mill)
.5 lbs - Unmalted White Wheat

1 oz - East Kent Goldings (Whole Leaf) 4.6% @ 60 Min
.25 oz - Saaz (Pellets) 5.5% @ 15 Min
.25 oz - East Kent Goldings (Whole Leaf) 4.6% @ 15 Min

.5 oz - Saaz (Pellets) 5.5% @ 0 Min
.5 oz - East Kent Goldings (Whole Leaf) 4.6% @ 0 Min

Yeast: Wyeast 3711 French Saison (2 Liter Starter)

Mashed 60 min @ 150, 1.25 qt/lb

Pitched yeast at 65 and let it free rise to 78

Tasting Notes:
Look - Light yellow, hazy, 1 1/2 finger white head with nice lacing
Aroma - Tropical fruit/citrus, very slightly peppery type phenols, sweet pils malt, earthy/spicy hops
Mouthfeel - Surprisingly light/medium bodied
Taste - Spicy/citrusy yeast, spicy/earthy hops, slight nuttiness, moderate bitterness

Notes:  This beer was delicious! I wish I had more.  Not sure if I was able to pick out the Spelt but it was the first time I used it.  It might have lent a slight nuttiness to the beer but it's hard to say.  I look forward to brewing this again.

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